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Image: Romany Latham


A new experimental film-making project

Playfully re-imagining video art, dance, music and fashion, RADIAL (working title) is a collaborative film-making process resulting in a video portrait of a community and landscape in motion. Filmed using a circular camera track, RADIAL offers participants an opportunity to collaborate within a clearly defined artistic process then gather in a public setting for the screening of the completed work.

Led by Back to Back Theatre’s artists, RADIAL is an accessible model for working with either community or professional performers and the process of creation is live improvisation.

The first RADIAL was created in Geelong in 2016 by Back to Back Theatre’s THEATRE OF SPEED. Watch the joyous first version below.

Co-Director Tamara Searle
Co-Director & Videographer Rhian Hinkley

Developed with support from
Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria and City of Greater Geelong.

Upcoming Performances

01 Sep 2018 - 01 Oct 2018

National Theatre of Scotland, Dundee, Scotland

RADIAL at Futureproof Festival. Official dates TBC

Past Performances



  • No Limits Internationales Theaterfestival , Berlin