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Image: Tao Weis


Simon, Scott and Sarah, a trio of activists with intellectual disabilities, hold a town hall meeting about the future impacts of artificial intelligence. Simon, considering himself a saviour for the community, quickly appoints himself the mayor, and Scott reluctantly steps into the role of facilitator, but soon becomes enamoured with his own power and begins to dismiss the experiences of others. Sarah, often overlooked and underestimated by her counterparts, explodes, confronting the self-appointed leaders on their inadequacies. What begins as a polite discussion quickly descends into bickering and chaos, seemingly provoked by a force within. Sarah acts to unite the group, only to realise the battle to get their message across may be lost already.

A Back to Back Pictures Production

Director: Bruce Gladwin

Screenplay: Michael Chan, Mark Deans, Bruce Gladwin, Simon Laherty, Sarah Mainwaring, Scott Price, Sonia Teuben

Based on the Back to Back Theatre stage production THE SHADOW WHOSE PREY THE HUNTER BECOMES

Producer: Alice Fleming

Director of Photography and Editor: Rhian Hinkley

Musical Composition: Luke Howard Trio (Luke Howard, Daniel Farrugia, Jonathan Zion)

Art Director: Tao Weis

Costume Designer: Shio Otani

Associate Producer: Meret Hassanen

Assistant Producer: Pippa Wright

Executive Producers: Bruce Gladwin, Tim Stitz


  • 2022 2022 SXSW Film Festival Audience Award Winners