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Image: Ferne Millen


The space between us is huge. The space between us is colour. The space between us is music. The space between us is held in a mouthful of air.

REDHEALER is a parade inside a theatre, created and performed by THEATRE OF SPEED.

In this new work THEATRE OF SPEED experiment creatively with social distance, proximity, and connection, inviting you to share space, art, dance, public service announcements and parade floats.

REDHEALER celebrates a return to being together after a time of rupture.

Devisors THEATRE OF SPEED: Laura Berrisford, Kristie Brockett, Thomas Byrnes, Robert Croft, Breanna Deleo, Mark Deans, Seth Johnson, Erin Kearns, Simon Laherty, Sarah Mainwaring, Steven Marshall, Francesca Neri, Ben Oakes, Tamika Simpson, Jasmine Swindells, Jessica Walker, Liam White

Director Ingrid Voorendt

Performers THEATRE OF SPEED and guests

Composition & Sound Design Sheshtin Honey

Lighting Design Sidney Younger

Costume Design Emily Rastas

Float Construction: Darryl Cordell

Creative Development Michael Chan, Lz Dunn, Chris Dunstan, Jessica Lesosky, and students of Nelson Park

Producers Sheshtin Honey, David Miller

Stage Managers Christine Bennett, Pippa Wright

ASM/Artist support Chris Dunstan, Stephen Oaks, Nikki Watson

Production Manager David Miller

THEATRE OF SPEED is an experimental centre for people with intellectual disabilities in Geelong, an intensive work and training environment where no other exists. It is a point of intersection between established and emerging artists and a crucible for new ideas and inter-disciplinary practice. It is a place of great freedom, where we cause trouble and disruption, where we seek to rupture what is thought possible. THEATRE OF SPEED works on Wednesdays. Works created throughout the year can be big or small, but they are always exploratory.

REDHEALER is supported by the Anthony Costa Foundation, Give Where You Live, Percy Baxter Charitable Trust, and Gandel Foundation.

Back to Back Theatre is supported by the Australian Government through Creative Australia, its principal arts investment and advisory body, Creative Victoria, and the City of Greater Geelong.