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Come And Make Performance

CAMP is Back to Back Theatre’s annual weekend of delightfully ruthless theatre and art-making workshops for community members with and without disability who love, or are curious about, performance making.

Emerging Artists

Back to Back Theatre has four available positions to offer emerging artists who are interested in processes for devising performances.
Contact Kirstin Honey for more information: or (03) 5221 2029

Bookings for CAMP open 9am on Monday, 20th January 2020.

See Upcoming Performances below.

No experience is necessary and new faces are especially welcome.

CAMP 2020 is supported by Give Where You Live, Geelong Community Foundation, Helen Macpherson Smith Trust, Percy Baxter Charitable Trust, Perpetual Trustees, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), V/Line, the City of Greater Geelong – Creative Arts Program, Geelong Regional Library Corporation & Platform Youth Arts.

CAMP 2020 Workshop Timetable

Program for 2020

YOUTH PROGRAM | Full day program for secondary school students

A creative laboratory of performance and visual art experiments exploring revolutionary actions towards a collective future of survival across all species.

Guest Artists:

Ahmarnya Price is a performance maker and visual artist, and an artistic associate at Back to Back Theatre.

Amelia Ducker is an artist and teacher with a practice encompassing live art, performance,photography and documentary film.

The Theatre of Mark Deans

A theatrical experiment inspired by the style and career of Mark Deans, Back to Back Theatre ensemble actor for 30 years, with Chris Dunstan, the artistic director of Tantrum Youth Arts who is a theatre maker, director, writer and community arts facilitator.

Comedy 101

Come and learn the basics on how to be funny with Madeleine Stewart, a standup comedian and the creator of ‘Crips & Creeps’, an accessible and inclusive comedy club in Sydney.

Vocal Speleology

Use the voice as a divining device; travel inside and cast spells outside our bodies with Caroline Daish: a performer and performance maker, who has been training in rituals and healing to use voice to change our relationship to space and time.

Rage Room

A place to break, scream and destroy in a controlled environment, and to explore society’s rules around extreme emotional states with Tessa Leong, who makes theatre and performance to pose questions about how we see the world and interact with each other.

Price VS Price

Estranged cousins Scott Price and Ahmarnya Price use performance, drawing and pro-wrestling tactics to explore ineffective conflict resolutions, dysfunctional double acts and displaced social commentaries. Scott Price has been a member of the Back to Back Theatre ensemble since 2007 and his hashtag is #autismpride, and Ahmarnya Price is a performance maker and visual artist, and an artistic associate at Back to Back Theatre.

Write It, Act It, Make It

A smash and grab into ways to write a scene and then have someone act it out with James Pratt, a theatre maker and writer who has written comedy for stage, radio and TV, and recently co-wrote the film ‘Paper Champions’.

A Conversation Between Performance and Light

Follow your impulses with light and movement; an opportunity to improvise as both lighting designer and performer. Facilitated by Kate Sulan, a director, dramaturge and founding artistic director of Rawcus and Richard Vabre, a lighting designer who has been lighting Rawcus shows since 2004.

Performing Bodies

Explore how we can use our bodies in performance with Romi Kupfer, a contemporary inclusive director and theatre maker who uses performance to provoke, question and explore life as we know it.

Pulling Stuff Out

The idea is inside you – how to coax it out and turn it into something! With Sarah Mainwaring, a member of the Back to Back Theatre ensemble since 2006 and Maude Davey, who has worked as an actor, director and writer for more than 25 years.

Drawing Breath

Explore the connection between the breath, movement, and mark making – marking the space and drawing the breath. With Robert Croft, an accomplished visual artist who has been a member of Back to Back’s Theatre of Speed for more than 15 years and Leisa Shelton, a performance artist/maker and curator who makes work that asks cultural questions and creates contexts for conversations.

The Art of Q & A

Difficult conversations. Public speaking. Not knowing the answers. Facilitated by A_tistic, an autistic-led theatre company focussed on telling autistic stories and advancing neurodiversity in the theatre community.

Headphone Quartets

Sing along to your favourite song at the same time as being part of an original live music performance with Harry Myers Covill, who creates eclectic music and sound, and composed the soundtracks for all of Back to Back Theatre’s RADIAL films.

Image: Pia Johnson

Accessible Event

CAMP is a supportive and inclusive event. When you register, you have the opportunity to note any accessibility requirements you might have.

Back to Back Theatre is a registered provider with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).  If you receive support from the NDIA it might be possible to direct funds towards attending CAMP.

Image: Pia Johnson

Upcoming Performances

14 Mar 2020 - 15 Mar 2020

Come And Make Performance 2020, Geelong

For more information contact:
+61 3 5221 2029