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The Book


In 2013 a book was published about the history and work of Back to Back Theatre since its inception.

‘WE’RE PEOPLE WHO DO SHOWS’: BACK TO BACK THEATRE – PERFORMANCE POLITICS VISIBILITY, edited by Helena Grehan and Peter Eckersall, published by Performance Research Books (Wales, UK) and available for purchase from the Centre for Performance Research Bookstore.

This book gathers key perspectives on Back to Back Theatre including interviews, documentation and scripts selected by the company and here made available to the reader for the first time. Accompanying this are scholarly essays and artistic reflections on some of the company’s most important and influential shows, including SOFT, small metal objects, FOOD COURT and GANESH VERSUS THE THIRD REICH. Providing insights from both inside and outside of Back to Back’s creative processes, this book offers a composite set of reflections on creativity, performance, politics, visibility and humanity.

“‘We’re People Who Do Shows,’ Back to Back Theatre is a book for many people, at once accessible and erudite, intimate and esoteric, illuminatingly edited, illustrated and designed…” Keith Gallasch, RealTime Arts

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