Back to Back Theatre

60 Little Malop St
Australia 3220

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PO Box 1257
Australia 3220

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ABN 95 834 484 241

Resident Artists Program


Back to Back Theatre welcomes independent artists to spend short or extended time connecting to the working life of the company. There is no specific way in which we work with artists, but artists should know that our work is highly varied from day-to-day. If you plan to visit Back to Back Theatre, we will not necessarily be able to tell you in advance precisely what we will be doing at the time of your visit, but we can promise that you will gain direct insight into what it is like to be part of our company, including having many cups of tea and conversations.

While artists visit, we prefer that they are engaged with the company, rather than simply observing it. This means that while you are in residence with us, we will give you a simple task that might assist us all in some way. This could be anything at all, for example (only): taking notes, starting and stopping some music, improvising with us.





If you have any questions you can also email or phone Ahmarnya at or +61 (03) 5221 2029