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RADIAL_Participant consent (no music)

Thanks for participating in RADIAL! Please fill out the form below to register your permission to appear in the film.

I give my permission to be filmed as part of Back to Back Theatre’s residency project RADIAL, created with Bleach Festival Gold Coast.

I grant Back to Back Theatre, Bleach Festival Gold Coast and approved third parties the right to use my footage from RADIAL for non-commercial purposes. This includes using my footage as part of the final film that may be used for promotional purposes in a variety of media and online platforms.

I grant Back to Back Theatre permission to utilise the work I produce with them as Back to Back Theatre deems appropriate within the context of the overall film. I understand this may alter from any preconceptions I have or from conversations held with the RADIAL team.

I grant Back to Back Theatre permission to include my name (as written below) in the film credits.

By signing below I indicate that I understood and agree to the above

RADIAL Participant Permission Form

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  • Please print carefully so we can get your film credit right.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


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