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Jeff Busby


Whatever Scares You is a rite of passage film that documents Breanna Deleo in her first year of work. Breanna is attempting to work as a professional artist – a challenging profession for anyone. And Breanna has begun to identify as neurodivergent. Her parents are her greatest allies and advocates.

They want to protect Breanna but sometimes to find our way in the world, we need to go it alone.

Featuring Breanna Deleo, Joanne Deleo, Joseph Deleo

Co-writers Tamara Searle and Breanna Deleo

Director Tamara Searle

Producer Alice Fleming

Videographer Rhian Hinkley

Editor Daniela Raulli

Music Nat Barsch

Created by Back to Back Pictures Pty. Ltd, in association with Back to Back Theatre inc. Commissioned by SBS through the Curious Australia initiative, in partnership with Vicscreen and Screen Australia.