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A work in development in 2011.


Tour Guide Development Linz. Image: Back to Back Theatre

The first experimental incarnation of TOUR GUIDE was created in collaboration with community members from Malaria, SOundSO Theater & Schräge Vägel in Linz (Austria) as part of Linz 09 – European Cultural Capital 09.

Like an audio tour at an institution such as a museum, TOUR GUIDE offers an audience an insight to the cultural artifacts of humanity, in this case public life in the Linz’s Volksgarten in summer. Instead of viewing a contemporary painting or an ancient artifact, the spectators were treated to a voyeuristic insight into the private conversations of the living.

TOUR GUIDE in Linz consisted of four short stories that all dealt with ‘truth and reality’ in some way. Ironically, the stories aimed to fictionalise a real space.

Tour Guide explores body language as much as the content of its German and English scripts. The audience was reminded that in such public places, while unable to hear the words of others, we may be able to observe the emotions in private conversations, sense the aggression of one person standing over another, decipher the pursed lips of disappointment, or empathise with the embarrassed fidgeting of rejection – RealTime

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