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“The most ordinary among us are heroes, and the most colourful and vivid among us are quite ordinary and flawed.” Elliot S. Maggin, Kingdom Come

Taking cues from comic books and action movies, SUPER DISCOUNT puts a room of actors to the test. Who will be good? Who will be evil? Together can they, and we, take responsibility for our world?

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Image: Jeff Busby

In a Back to Back show, the answers are never simple but the results are always audacious.

SUPER DISCOUNT follows the classic narrative of a hero fighting back from early set backs to a new position of insight and strength.

SUPER DISCOUNT is a plea to humanity, to each one of us, to examine our role in constructing goodness, and evil, in the world. It is the story of a young man against whom an early injustice is perpetrated, and his perilous journey across our collective psyche.

In SUPER DISCOUNT sticky notions of identity, representation and power are pulled apart and investigated with great energy, humour and candour.

Journey to the realm of heroism, via the imaginative genius of the Back to Back ensemble.


Directed, devised and designed by Bruce Gladwin

Devised by the Back to Back Theatre Ensemble & David Woods

Lighting Design by Andrew Livingston

Costume Design by Shio Otani

Choreography by Antony Hamilton

Project Funders & Partners