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One Off Workshops & Residencies

Back to Back Theatre develops short and long experimental workshops and residencies in its home town of Geelong and for communities across Australia and the world.

Back to Back accepts responsibility for ‘developing a culture’ and our actions reflect that responsibility.

At home and abroad, we facilitate workshops and master classes and participate in public discussions and panels.

Where we identify need, particularly in our local community, we create one-off projects for communities.

Back to Back develops experimental residency models. The models create space for the intuition of collaborating artists and community participants. Once developed, a residency model is often deployed iteratively, in different communities, over several years, allowing for approaches from one incarnation to seep into the next, and for collaborators’ working practices to deepen and flourish. The structure proposes artistic directions with a focus on collaboration, not facilitation.

For more information about workshops and residencies, please contact Back to Back’s Executive Producer, Alice Nash
+613 5221 2029
email Alice Nash