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Part concert, part theatre show, FOOD COURT features the remarkable vision of Back to Back Theatre and the music of The Necks, who improvise a driving score for each performance.


Food Court. Pictured: Nicki Holland, Rita Halabarec. Image: Jeff Busby

Set in the lush minimalism of an illuminated white void, the story of one woman’s humiliation is played out in a psychological space constructed from light and sound. Luminously fragile, FOOD COURT is a near death experience in a suburban wonderland where a small fatality of dignity takes place between The Asian Hut and The Juice Bar.

The Melbourne Festival co-commission is an unpredictable rollercoaster of image, sound and emotion, the scripted performance is underscored by a single musical track played live from the orchestra pit by The Necks, one of the great cult bands of Australia.

Food Court with The Necks from Back to Back Theatre on Vimeo.

  • Director, Set Design & Devisor Bruce Gladwin
  • Performers and Devisors Mark Deans, Rita Halabarec, Nicki Holland, Sarah Mainwaring Scott Price
  • Music by The Necks – Chris Abrahams Piano, Lloyd Swanton Bass & Tony Buck Drums
  • Set Design & Construction Mark Cuthbertson
  • Lighting Design & Technical Direction Andrew Livingston, bluebottle
  • Animated Design Rhian Hinkley
  • Sound Design Hugh Covill
  • Costume Design Shio Otani


Every now and then a show comes along and reminds you that theatre is a burning glass, that it can be an art that focuses experience into an emotional thermic lance which sears through the intellect into the tissue of deep feeling, right where it hurts

– Alison Croggon, Theatre Notes