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Artistic Rationale


Back to Back Theatre creates theatre to dissect the unspoken imaginings of society. Our theatre is an analysis of the biological, psychological and social dynamics that simultaneously unify and separate our audience. We want people to think about the strangeness of their own thoughts.

As a company we create theatre to limit our own sense of safety, responsibility and respectability. We create theatre to fight against our need to preserve our own integrity. We create theatre to challenge the gods.

Back to Back aims to propose work that is not contemporary, but a work for the near future. It is simultaneously a contention, an allegation and an affirmation for human potential.

Regionally Based

Back to Back’s position as an ongoing professional theatre company in Geelong speaks of more than a symbolic importance. It illuminates that work of national significance can be generated outside of the usual cultural epicentres. It shows that stories that are meaningful locally, resonate within national and international arenas.

Community engagement

Back to Back accepts responsibility for ‘developing a culture’ and its actions reflect that responsibility. The company’s existence is a small but important beacon that proves genuine engagement and community development has a significant effect on the cultural diversity of Australian theatre.

Artists with disabilities

Without making gross generalisations of people with disabilities, it is safe to say that within Australian society people with disabilities continue to be placed within the category of ‘the other’. Driven by a core ensemble of artists with intellectual disabilities, Back to Back is uniquely placed to comment on the social, cultural, ethical and value-based structures that define the institution known as ‘the majority’. Family, career, sex, politics, religion, education, academia and culture are all subject to a lateral analysis from an artistic team whose defining characteristic is separation from the spectacle of their subject matter.